Thank you for your interest in supporting the ministries of The Transformation House.
Your financial support allows us to carryout our vision, mission and to live out our brand of, being an OUTSIDE The Box church so ALL of God’s children can live a better and healthier life. Thank you again, for your financial support from the heart. We love you, be blessed and stay encouraged in God.

TITHE and OFFERING – 4 Ways To Give From Your Heart:

1. Give In Person

You may give either by check or cash during the Worship Experience, with all checks being made out to The Transformation House.

2. Give Online

Please click on the “GIVE” button below. You are just one click away.

3. Give By Text

Please text the amount you would like to give to (844) 845-6036 from your mobile device, so you can give from your HEART. You are just one text away.

4. Give By Mail

Please make your check payable to The Transformation House and send it to the following address:

The Transformation House
P.O. Box 725565
Atlanta, GA 31139