We believe in an unconditional love that freely cares for and supports another child of God to be and become everything that God created them to be. God is love, which means love does not unjustly or intentionally oppress, condemn or harm another child of God based on race, class, sex, gender, physical/psychological
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We believe prayer to be a form of worship, active communication and a spiritual discipline that allows God’s children to become personal, spiritually centered and in-tune with God. This sacred and relational practice, allows God’s children to petition their concerns to God and to remember the love
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We firmly believe that serving inside and outside The House of God to be an essential behavior for ALL of God’s children, because it is a behavior that is concerned with meeting his or her neighbor were they are at in life. This Spiritual behavior of servitude is rooted in love, humility, selflessness and ACTION.
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God’s Love in Action

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Stay Thirsty

Posted on 21 May 2023


Posted on 30 Apr 2023